Constant Innovation Breeds Winners

Continuing their storied legacy of providing guests with world-class entertainment, SeaWorld Aquatica San Antonio has built Texas’ tallest multi-tower drop slide.

Named Ihu’s Breakaway Falls, this high-energy complex features five elite ProSlide® rides, strengthening an already-strong suite of attractions powered by ProSlide®.

55 Years of Excellence and Counting

SeaWorld has been an American cultural icon since 1964, when it opened its first marine zoological park in San Diego, California.

After greeting over 400,000 visitors in its first year, SeaWorld wanted to find more ways to connect their guests with aquatic entertainment.

In 2005, SeaWorld announced plans to build their company’s first waterpark, providing guests with a unique experience that they couldn’t find anywhere else.

To accomplish this, they needed high-performance water attractions that could uphold their high standards for quality.

  • 81,000 Square Metres

  • 2012 Opened

Ihu's Breakaway Falls Crushes State Record!

Aquatica San Antonio’s newest entertainment complex – Ihu’s Breakaway Falls – features three high-speed ProSlide® TurboTWISTER™ speed slides and two exciting ProSlide® SkyBOX™ drop launch systems.

Powered by our patented compound curve, the thrilling ProSlide® TurboTWISTER™ takes body sliding to the extreme with back-to-back curves and tight loops while promising a smooth and comfortable ride every time.

Adding ProSlide® SkyBOX™ pods amps up the suspense further as riders wait high above the waterpark for the trap door to plummet them into the twists and turns of the exciting ProSlide® TurboTWISTER™.

With this investment in high-performance ProSlide® rides, Aquatica San Antonio owns the tallest multi-tower drop slide in Texas, along with some of the world’s greatest water attractions.

SeaWorld’s commitment to innovation over their 55-year history has made them the legendary franchise that they are today, and continues to cement their legacy as leaders in the global entertainment industry.

A History of Success

Since announcing plans to build a waterpark in 2005, SeaWorld has trusted ProSlide® to deliver the elite entertainment that guests can’t get enough of.

Aquatica Orlando

Opened in 2008, SeaWorld’s first waterpark – Aquatica Orlando – features four high-energy ProSlide® SuperLOOP™ speed slides, three adrenaline-inducing ProSlide® SkyBOX™ drop launch systems and our towering ProSlide® Double TornadoWAVE® 60 wall ride.

In its first year, SeaWorld Aquatica Orlando was the 4th most visited waterpark in the US and 8th worldwide, showcasing the power of high-performance attractions.

Aquatica San Antonio

Aquatica San Antonio – their second waterpark – debuted in 2012, showcasing North America’s first ProSlide® TornadoWAVE® 60 wall ride, our legendary ProSlide® MAMMOTH® rafting ride and a comprehensive ProSlide® KIDZ Zone among other thrilling attractions.

The award-winning ProSlide® MAMMOTH® rafting ride delivers massive entertainment at huge capacities, rocketing riders through winding curves and vortex loops for a riveting adventure.

We engineer each of our kids rides with smooth transitions and low-grade landings that maximize the safety and security of young guests without sacrificing ride experience or visual impact.

Aquatica San Diego

Following the success of Aquatica Orlando and Aquatica San Antonio, Aquatica San Diego opened in 2013 featuring our competitive 6-lane ProSlide® OctopusRACER™ mat racer, a favorite among guests.

This revolutionary racer sends riders through looping tunnels at dizzying speeds as they battle to take the lead.

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