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Some folks wax their cars, and some wax their floors. But do you wax your fiberglass?

From the ProSlide® Waterslide Maintenance Manual: “To maintain the appearance (color retention and gloss), it is essential to clean and wax the fiberglass at least every month.”

That’s right people, at least every month!

And what if you don’t? Again from the all-knowing Maintenance Manual: “If an operator chooses not to perform this maintenance, the effects of dust, pollutants, and water-borne chemicals (chlorine, calcium, etc.) will ultimately become part of the porous gelcoat surface.” And it gets worse: “This creates the appearance that the colors are fading and will require more expensive maintenance (e.g., compounding/sanding) to bring back the original color and gloss.”

Okay, so what should you do to avoid that dreaded ‘more expensive maintenance’? It’s easy.

  1. Clean the fiberglass with a carwash soap containing PTFE (also known as Teflon®). The PTFE helps to build a barrier against substances that would otherwise lodge in the porous gel coat.
  2. Wax the fiberglass using a paste wax with carnauba or PTFE to offer the best protection against fading, chalking and other discoloration. These waxes are available at automotive supply stores.

It takes some time and planning of course, but it’s a simple way to look great and save costs down the road.

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