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“This chair is too big!” “This chair is too small!!” “This chair is just right!!”

It’s all about capacity. When you’re designing your water park, you don’t want to design it for too many people or you’ll be empty half the time, and you don’t want to design it for too few people or you’ll be turning away guests (and money). So where’s the happy medium?

That’s called a “design day” and it’s derived using the following set of formulae:

Peak Month attendance x 22.7% = Peak Week

Analyzing annual attendance and seasonal distribution gives us the Peak Month.

Peak Week x 50% / 2 = Peak Day

In most markets 50% of visitors come during the week, and the other 50% during the weekend.

Peak Day x 75% – 80% = Design Day

Dial back your peak day by a number that is comfortable for you and your business plan.

The result is a park designed to operate over capacity on the busiest days of the year, and is comfortable for the majority of the “average” days.

And that’s just good business.

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