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Our hearts continue to be with the friends and family of Ricardo José Hilário da Silva and our colleagues at Beach Park. While no Brazilian authorities have contacted us, ProSlide Technology Inc.® continues to be in communication with Beach Park management to assist with their investigation into the incident that occurred on their Vainkara water ride.

While we are not at liberty to discuss or speculate about the details of the accident, we can share an overview of our organization’s commitment to safety and how this pertains to our TornadoWAVE® product.

Ride safety considers three things:  1) the manufacturer’s commitment to producing safe designs and materials; 2) the park’s compliance with manufacturer guidelines when creating and observing all operational protocols; and 3) the guest’s compliance with safety instructions.

ProSlide® has been in business for 32 years, and safety is the foundation of our organization and products. During that time, we’ve developed more than 40 different ride product profiles, all built upon knowledge and experience gained.  Three thousand ProSlide® water rides have been introduced in approximately 750 locations around the world. Each year, a minimum of 450 million people take a ride on a ProSlide® product. That amounts to at least 7 billion people riding our products during a 32-year history.

After a ProSlide® water ride is installed by the park’s mechanical installation team, our technical experts arrive for ride verification, which includes reviewing water system function and ride testing.  At that time, a complete operating manual — unique to each individual product — is shared with park management.  This manual presents important aspects relating to maintenance, operation and staff/guest safety. These include such things as: weight limits, water volume and flow rates, tube maintenance, opening and closing procedures etc. Each park then determines its own protocols and systems accordingly.

Since the first TornadoWAVE® was launched in 2011, 45 TornadoWAVE® water rides are now in operation with more than 53 million riders enjoying them worldwide. ProSlide’s® technical advisors were present for the Vainkara ride verification.  This entailed several days of observation and more than 100 documented test rides. ProSlide® stands behind the integrity of our water rides and will continue to provide products that incorporate the highest standards.

Rick Hunter
President & CEO
ProSlide Technology Inc.®

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