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Our relentless approach to product development continues to deliver more innovation than any other water ride designer.

The truth is in the numbers; our ride installations for 2016 have nearly doubled over last year! This is a testament to the momentum of the water park industry.

The most popular rides are the ones that deliver:

Constant innovation: The ProSlide® TORNADO® is an anchor attraction for most parks. Their iconic shape, size (being visible for miles around), and patented technology attracts guests AND delivers a thrilling ride that keeps them coming back again and again.

We installed 25 new TORNADOs® in 2016 – the most since its inception in 2003 – including our first 6-person TORNADO® 60 (at Wet’n Wild Sao Paulo, Brazil).

Family fun: The TornadoWAVE® commands attention in any park, thanks to its massive size, uniquely curved-wall and thrillingly narrow exit.

There were 12 new TornadoWAVE® installations this year – another record for ProSlide®.

ProSlide® TornadoWAVE®
Slide and Splash, Portugal

ProSlide® TornadoWAVE®
Raging Waves Waterpark, USA

Undeniable performance: There are 25 new BehemothBOWL™ and CannonBOWL™ installations for 2016, all featuring our patented bowl shape and CorkScrew™ exit. With guaranteed consistent dispatch rates installing a ProSlide bowl is a no-brainer.

Custom design: Guests want to spend time on the rides, not standing in line. There are 15 custom complexes this year – attractions that serve as massive entertainment hubs that please every type of water park enthusiast. Build just one tower, then mix and match the right classic and iconic water rides, and you’ve got something for everyone.

Thrills: What’s a water park without a speed or serpentine slide? We installed more than 60 new speed and serpentines slides in 2015, including the SuperLOOP™ and FreeFALL™ (most with the SkyBOX™ drop launch) the MAMMOTH®, PIPEline™ and TWISTER™.

In addition to creating excitement with guests, our water park partners continue to report that ProSlide® rides are a great investment. ProSlide® is the trusted partner of the best water parks in the world and we are invested in our customers’ success.

ProSlide® SkyBOX™
Rapids Waterpark, USA


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