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We've Got News from Orlando!

We just wrapped up IAAPA Attractions Expo 2017, our busiest show of the year! And we’re back with big news. The latest ProSlide® innovation, the Double TornadoWAVE® 60, won the First Place IAAPA Brass Ring Award for Best New Product!

What makes this ride award-winning?

  • A completely new ride, a completely new experience. It’s not just a combination of our groundbreaking TornadoWAVE® walls. This is a brand new product!
  • Breakthrough innovation over older, flat walls. Riders feel weightless as they see the ride path hurtling them 40 feet down to the second curved wall!
  •  A safe, predictable ride path that drives the highest capacities, through flumes as narrow as 108 inches (2.7 m).

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