Image for 2017 is the Year of the Water Coaster!

The 2017 Golden Ticket Awards are out and the verdict is in: ProSlide® Water Coasters lead the industry! Do you have yours yet?

#1 Best New Water Park Ride – Six Flags Fiesta Texas’ Thunder Rapids Water Coaster
#1 Best Water Ride – Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari’s Wildebeest Water Coaster
#2 Best New Water Park Ride – Universal Volcano Bay’s Krakatau Water Coaster
#2 Best Water Ride – Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari’s Mammoth Water Coaster

Every park needs a coaster

Coasters have become table stakes, often the anchor attraction that wraps around the world’s best parks with sweeping turns, heart-pounding powered inclines and heart-racing dramatic drops.

ProSlide® RocketBLAST®
‘Thunder Rapids’ at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, USA

But not just any coaster

But not all water coasters are created equal. Without the proper innovative technology driving acceleration and control, you might as well be standing still next to your competition.

‘Wildebeest’ at Holiday World Splashin’ Safari, USA

Feel the science with ProSlide®

We’ve been innovating this technology since we invented the first LIM-powered water coasters more than a decade ago – and we continue to make the experience better and better every year.

‘Krakatau’ at Universal’s Volcano Bay, USA

There’s nothing like it. In the world.

Patented technology drives our boats higher, faster and longer. Unique accelerators result in 100% more capacity. Innovative control systems enable 50% less water and energy use.

‘Mammoth’ at Holiday World Splashin’ Safari, USA

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