Performance tune-up

Water Park Reopening checklist


Remove debris that may have fallen on the ride path. Pay close attention to water injection and removal points.
Examine fiberglass (interior and exterior) and steel components for signs of damage or corrosion. Check fiberglass joints for gaps, misalignment, and degraded sealant.
Inventory spare parts and ride vehicles. Ask ProSlide for Ask us for approved vendors and ride vehicles.
Identify deteriorated components in your tower structure like walkways, stairways, and signage. Our tower design team can help you replace or upgrade your tower.


Repair gelcoat chips or cracks and missing or deteriorated sealant. Please click here for leak repair and gelcoat repair tutorials​.
Wash and wax the ride surface. Clean the exterior with a pressure washer not exceeding 2,000 psi. recommendations on products and procedures.
Perform maintenance and start-up procedures on pumps, scales, conveyors, lighting systems, etc.
Turn on water and check for visible dry spots due to blocked sprinklers. Need replacement sprinkler nozzles? Get in touch


Confirm that flow rates and water levels are correct. Get in touch if you require more water level stickers for your start pools and runouts.
Verify water chemistry to ensure proper levels and prevent surface build-up. The Saturation Index should be kept between -0.3 and +0.5 to avoid scaling and corrosion.
Test the ride with a lifeguard or water ride attendant before opening.
Connect with your ProSlide team about park inspections, ride verification, operations, and maintenance training service packs for a successful season! Get in touch.
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