Water Country’s Tunnel of Terror is their Most Popular Ride of the Summer!

Water Country’s Tunnel of Terror is their Most Popular Ride of the Summer!

Water Country Waterpark in Portsmouth, New Hampshire introduced their latest 2012 attraction – Dr. Von Dark’s Tunnel of Terror. A ProSlide innovation, the winner of IAAPA’s Best New Waterpark Ride (2009), the TantrumTWIST™ is the first of its kind in New England and 12th water ride addition from ProSlide into the Water Country Park.

The ride starts with the anticipation of two face-to-face riders plunging from a height of 40 feet down a dark and twisting spiral before being dropped into a terror-thrilled oscillating section. After riders catch their breath, they are propelled through an exploding exit out the narrow end of the Tantrum funnel feature. Riders experience the ride on the patented ProSlide WhirlyWHEEL™ tube which provides an exhilarating, twisting experience and is also a past winner of the IAAPA Best New Product Award!

“The Tantrum has been a fun and exciting addition to our ride lineup. It was easily our most popular attraction this summer” says Michael Fijas, General Manager of Water Country.

The howls and the screams from guests experiencing Dr. Von Dark’s Tunnel of Terror are proof that the ride performance is simply unmatched in the industry, and the reason Palace Entertainment continues to consider ProSlide their ride supplier of choice for Water Country Waterpark.

For more information on the ProSlide TantrumTWIST™ or the rest of the ProSlide Ride lineup please contact us.