Hyland Hills Water World

Hyland Hills Water World

Denver/ CO, USA

ProSlide’s HydroMAGNETIC COASTERS™ continue to be the hottest Water Rides of the year with a brand new HydroMAGNETIC ROCKET™ now open at Water World in Denver, Colorado. Named ‘The Mile High Flyer’ this 1000 foot, (300m) long ROCKET™ is the first HydroMAGNETIC COASTER™ in the Western United States and marks the largest single ride investment Water World has ever made!

The experience starts with a ride up conveyor that has sound effects replicating the ‘clickety-clackety’ a traditional roller coaster makes as it ascends up the hill, building the anticipation. Riders then drop through a 180° turn on board their 4-Man Inline boats and drop right into the coaster experience only ProSlide can produce! This HydroMAGNETIC ROCKET™ has five uphill sections including a ‘camel-hump’ and multiple 180° enclosed sections finishing with a 360° loop! The ride then transitions into a water channel where the Inline boats float to the end of the ride. This not only adds an additional ride element but also assists in maintaining unloading procedures to ensure maximum efficiency. “The Mile High Flyer will knock your socks off!” says Water World’s Joann Cortez, and Water World’s guests agree, quickly making it the park’s most popular ride.

Available for all of ProSlide’s HydroMAGNETIC COASTERS™ is ProSlide’s Global Real-time Support, an Industry First and the foundation of the commitment to the HydroMAGNETIC™ program as well as the long-term support of our customers. ProSlide engineers can access any HydroMAGNETIC COASTER™ around the world and monitor performance, conduct preventative maintenance, and troubleshoot issues. All of this can be done seamlessly as the ride is in operation, ensuring no disruptions. This level of support is unheard of in the amusement industry and we’re proud to pioneer such a valuable service for customers such as Water World.

For more information on the ProSlide HydroMAGNETIC COASTERS™ lineup, please contact us!