Protect your high performance investment.

Maximize uptime with ProSlide® Support Services

The ProSlide® SkyBOX™ Annual Service includes:

  • a comprehensive visual inspection of the structural, fiberglass, electrical, pneumatic, mechanical and operational elements of the attraction
  • the required annual maintenance (as outlined in the ProSlide Preventive Maintenance Schedule)
  • either one (1) annual shutdown or one (1) annual start-up, to be determined at the time of the contract’s signing
  • the standard parts required for the annual maintenance (additional parts, if needed, are not included)
  • the completion of a detailed Maintenance Report (including photos), for your records

Please note that all appointments must be scheduled at least 6 weeks in advance. Overnight and expedited service is also available (upon request), to minimize ride down-time.

SkyBOX Support Services

ProSlide® Support Services represent the most effective way to reduce operating costs and maximize uptime.

“ProSlide stands behind their work, unlike anyone else in the industry.”

Todd Nelson, Kalahari Resorts, USA

ProSlide Custom Design Water Rides

Meet Steve. He’s the manager of our Global Support Services team. With decades of experience, Steve and his team have worked with dozens of water parks all around the world. Personally, Steve has been with ProSlide for more than ten years, having spent most of his time installing new rides. Drop Steve a note to schedule your SkyBOX Annual Service.