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Want to stand out? Just add water.

Increase your value with water attractions.

Invest in family fun

Transform your property into a family destination to take advantage of more revenue opportunities.

Increase your value

Increase your differentiation and your value, and become far more marketable than your competition.

Partner with the best

ProSlide is the undisputed global leader in water slide and water attraction manufacturing and water park planning.

“Our closest competitor offered a small water park that was taking customers from us. We wanted to entice those guests back to us by creating not just any park, but the best park.”

Andreia Stanciu,


You own a hotel/resort, or you’re planning to build one, and like everyone you want to succeed. In your business, that success is based almost entirely on occupancy and rates: it’s a numbers game.

To drive occupancy and charge a higher rate you need to differentiate your property from the competition, be better than the other guys. You need to increase guest satisfaction, increase the value of your offering (and hence the rates you can charge), and elevate your brand in the marketplace.

You need to offer a unique and valued experience for your guests.

Investing in family fun pays big

To drive consistent, seasonal occupancy rates many hotel and resort operators are looking to strongly differentiate with unique experiences, and to transform their properties into family destinations to take advantage of more revenue opportunities.

At the same time, savvy consumers are spending more time researching their available accommodation options than ever before. Global research[1] shows that the discretionary spending categories that are seeing the greatest increase are “well-being” and “fun,” and so consumers are looking not just for the best deal but for the most fun, for one-of-a-kind experiences for themselves and for their family.

[1] Euromonitor, CEIC, Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research

Take advantage of your competition

It’s all about advantage. When you incorporate well-planned water ride and water attraction features into your resort, you increase your differentiation and your value, and are far more marketable than your competition. This investment not only increases your revenue and occupancy rates, but can also improve your non-room revenues: guests eat meals next to the lazy river, rent pool-side cabanas or make purchases in the gift shop (such as water toys and fun flotation devices for the kids):

  • When you provide your guests with differentiated on-resort entertainment you increase the perceived value of your offer and increase guest satisfaction.
  • Resorts with water features attract more guests (and compel them to return and stay longer) than those without water features, increasing occupancy rates.
  • Resorts with water features offer more value, and can charge higher average daily rates (ADR)
  • A water attraction area encourages guests to spend more time – and more money – at your facility, enhancing your revenue per available room (RevPAR).

Best of all? In our experience these revenue generators can pay you back in as little as nine months.

Want to be the best? Partner with the best.

ProSlide is the undisputed global leader in water slide and water attraction manufacturing and water park planning. We provide integrated water ride and family attraction design and master planning services for new and expanding hotels and resorts around the world, and we help differentiate the best, most successful and most recognized hotels and resorts in the world. We’re trusted partners of resort brands such as Disney, Universal, Atlantis, Kalahari, Great Wolf Lodge, and many others.

ProSlide-powered resorts offer the ultimate differentiated resort experience:

  • You will have more guests, who are more satisfied, spend more time and money at your resort, and come back more often.
  • You will elevate your brand and stand apart from your competition, with a valuable asset for years to come.

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