Building the perfect ride. Every time.

We customize every water ride we sell. You get world-class water rides that fit perfectly in your park, thrill your guests and drive revenue for decades to come.

Why you need custom rides

  1. Take advantage of your unique space
  2. Stand out in a crowded market
  3. Achieve your business goals

The many ways we customize

From the perfect ride path and thrill level to hybrids and custom complexes, the sky’s the limit!

How only ProSlide can truly customize

  1. Deep understanding of ride physics
  2. Widest range of fiberglass profiles
  3. Complete commitment to your success
“ProSlide custom-designed rides fit our incredible terrain perfectly.”

Christoph Kiessling, Siam Park, Spain.


Why you need custom rides

Profit from your unique footprint and topography. ProSlide custom ride design makes the most of your site’s natural features and mitigates its challenges. We ensure your water slides truly belong in your site. And when space is at a premium, we fit the ride you want into the space you have.

Stand out in a crowded market. Differentiation is critical when you’re competing for guests.  Your one-of-a-kind park with our one-of-a-kind rides will immediately rise to the top.

Achieve your business goals. There’s no place in your strategy for one-size-fits-all water rides. We work with you to design a ride – or a whole park – that supports your objectives.

The many ways we customize

Ride path. Our rides are tailored to fit your demographics, target capacities and budget perfectly. You get the features you need to create the optimum thrill. And the size that fits your space.

Hybrids and custom complexes are – you guessed it – custom. ProSlide custom complexes are massive entertainment hubs that combine almost any mix of rides on a single tower.  The ultimate customization: ProSlide hybrid rides combine two, three or more stand-alone rides into a single experience.

Ride options: the sky’s the limit. Every ProSlide ride gives you options. Enclose a feature or flume, add a drop launch to your speed slide, offer a ride-up conveyor on your water coaster. Clear or translucent flumes build anticipation. Theming and special effects create a legendary experience!

3 reasons only ProSlide delivers true custom design

1. Deep understanding of ride physics. We’ve invented or significantly innovated every water ride we sell so we know what can be customized and how. Companies that license rides or build copy-cat attractions have neither the knowledge nor the experience to safely make even small changes.

2. Widest range of fiberglass profiles. Because of our 30-year history of constant innovation, we have the largest inventory of fiberglass flume profiles in the industry. We can create rides with an almost limitless variety of twists and turns; intricately interlaced to fit in tight spaces.

3. Complete commitment to your success. A fundamental ProSlide value: every customer deserves the perfect ride. That’s why building the world’s best water rides is a mission we will not compromise.

Ride Design Consultation

Looking for a new water ride? Meet 1-on-1 with a water ride expert and learn how we can customize any ride to best fit your park, guest strategy, budget and more.

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