SeaWorld San Antonio

SeaWorld San Antonio

San Antonio/ TX, USA

SeaWorld San Antonio has recently opened their new waterpark, Aquatica which is home to two new feature attractions, Walhalla Wave, a ProSlide TornadoWAVE and Stingray Falls, a ProSlide MAMMOTH as well as a KIDZ slide area. These additions were not just a part of an expansion but an entirely new waterpark, transforming from Lost Lagoon to Aquatica Texas. SeaWorld San Antonio approached ProSlide to not only create two world class water rides, but something their guests have never seen or ridden before. The end result met all the criteria and then some.

Another brand new water ride innovation from ProSlide brings the best extreme gravity ride of 2012, the TornadoWAVE. Named the Walhalla Wave at Aquatica Texas, it is the first TonadoWAVE in North America and the first in the Western Hemisphere! This TornadoWAVE starts riders over 60ft high and is also the only one in the world to propel them through a full 720degree twist before they are dropped at a 45degree angle into the WAVE! Riders are propelled up the WAVE section of the ride for a sweeping moment of weightlessness that no other Water Ride can match. Utilizing the proven technology of the ProSlide TORNADO, the TornadoWAVE is truly the next evolution of the only family of Water Rides that bring riders right up to the point of being vertical.

ProSlide’s MAMMOTH, the industries original mega-tube water ride was transformed into Stingray Falls, the world’s only family water ride that rides through a giant Stingray tank! The 600ft long ProSlide MAMMOTH is the first of its kind in the world! Families start off over 50ft up in the 4 to 5-Man rafts and through a series of turns and drops end up riding underneath the world’s only ride through Stingray tank! The entire family experiences a thrilling ride followed by the sensation of floating on the bottom of the ocean with tones of stingrays swimming all around you. This is not only the only water ride through a stingray tank, but is the only family raft ride that goes through an aquarium tank.

The guest and park feedback on these two new rides have been outstanding and have proven to be the most popular attractions in Aquatica!