TornadoWAVE 60

Conquer the wall.

720 per hour
4 person

TornadoWAVE 60 drops jaws around the world by launching big rafts into near-vertical hang-time.

Ride experience

Rafts surge high up the wall, hang weightless, then drop, swinging into a thrillingly narrow exit.

Exclusive technology

The world’s only curved-wall water rides, ProSlide wave walls are engineered for exhilaration.

Iconic water ride

ProSlide walls command attention in any park with their massive size, high walls and loud riders!

Industry Leadership

Wall Ride Installations


Since 2012


2014 Best New Water Park Ride

2014 Leading Edge

TornadoWAVE 60 water ride

Ride experience

The high-speed in-run cranks riders in 4- or 6-person rafts around back-to-back curves and dips, revving up the suspense before dropping them through a steep chute and onto the WAVE! Rafts sweep up and across the curved wall, climbing higher and hanging in zero gravity longer than any other wall ride on the market. Guests wonder if they’ll flip. The physics of our wave wall won’t let them….but they don’t need to know that!

From high up on the wall, the narrow out-run looks like the eye of a needle. Will the raft make it through? Yes! Our ride path is designed to be predictable, even if raft weight varies. Rafts cruise flawlessly on to the next thrill.

Exclusive technology

ProSlide walls look slick and are complex, high-performance riding surfaces. Based on award-winning ProSlide TORNADO ride technology, our walls use the physics of the patented true funnel shape to create the same high thrills in perfect safety. A breakthrough innovation over the older wide, flat walls, ProSlide TornadoWAVE 60:

  • Sends rafts up the wall faster, higher, with longer hang-time
  • Delivers a consistent exit through flumes as narrow as 108 in (2.7 m)
  • Ensures complete safety and high capacities
  • Is less expensive to produce.

Iconic water ride

The buzz-worthy anchors of your park, iconic water rides are impressive to look at and a thrill to ride. With their high curved walls, ProSlide’s wall rides commands attention in any park. The TornadoWAVE 60 drops jaws around the world as it sends 4- to 6-person rafts into near-vertical zero-gravity moments. Capacities of ~720 riders per hour bring water parks one giant step closer to meeting guest strategy and targets. Adding more iconic features – like bowls or funnels – to the ride path creates an even more unique hybrid attraction.

Guest Capacity

4-person 6-person
~ Hourly Ride Capacity 720 1,080
Dispatch Rate 20 seconds 20 seconds
Vehicle CLOVERleaf™  CloverWHEEL™


Hybrid Feature
Hybrid FeatureCan be combined with other rides for a one-of-a-kind attraction: 2, 3 or more features in a single path!
Open or Enclosed FlumeEnclosed flumes: dark ride experience, indoor/outdoor installation, enhanced sound & lighting.
Fiberglass Opacity Options - 2
Fiberglass Opacity Options - 2Combine opaque and translucent fiberglass to create more wow.
Vehicle Conveyor
Vehicle ConveyorTransports boats to ride start: manages heavier rafts, allows smaller ride footprint,
Twin Start Tub
Twin Start TubTwo rafts or tubes load at a time: increases rider throughput.
Start Lights
Start LightsPhoto sensors monitor riders: added safety, higher capacities.
Pool ExitExits in pool with ~36 in/90 cm of water. Many rides can use same pool.
ProSplash Exit
ProSplash ExitShallow exit channel: ~18 in/46 cm of water. Enables ride to fit in tighter spaces.


Custom Design
Custom DesignEvery ride tailored to fit perfectly, thrill your guests and drive more revenue.
Compound Curves
Compound CurvesProSlide’s complex curves: arcs with different radiuses for faster, tighter ride & stronger g-forces.

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