Ride the cyclone.

720 per hour
4 person

TORNADO 45 water slide thrills with vertical weightless moments and intense swings in its massive funnel.

Ride experience

Rafts explode into a huge funnel, swinging between weightless hang time and intense Gs.

Exclusive technology

Based on the TORNADO 60's patented and award-winning technology.

Anchor ride

TORNADO 45 excites guests long before they get in the raft.

Best known, most loved

Guests love the TORNADO 45. The water ride industry applauds its innovation.

Industry Leadership

TORNADO 45 & 60


Since 2003

Funnel Ride Installations


Since 2003

Funnel Ride

2003 Impact Award

2013 Best New Water Park Ride

2010 Best New Water Park Ride

2009 Best New Water Park Ride

2003 Best New Water Park Ride

2014 Leading Edge (2)

2013 Leading Edge

2012 Industry Impact

2003 Best Water Park Ride

TORNADO 45 water ride

Ride experience

The impressive five-storey TORNADO 45 excited guests long before they get in the raft. The huge funnel lets guests enjoy the ride—and your entire park—from a towering viewing platform, whether they try the ride or not.

A consistent guest favourite, the TORNADO 45 is built from award-winning technology. The 45-foot (14 m) funnel offers all the benefits of the TORNADO 60, but is scaled for tighter spaces and more modest budgets.

Riders enter the TORNADO at the steepest angles and the fastest speeds. As they sweep high up the opposite wall—and across the equator line—they experience an unparalleled feeling of weightlessness. With their vehicle almost perpendicular to the ground, riders feel like they are about to tip over; but the curved funnel wall keeps them perfectly safe. After a series of these exciting oscillations, riders descend through the outrun and exit the ride.

Exclusive technology

Only ProSlide creates a true funnel-shaped water ride with a perfectly round opening and curved walls that taper to the center. This patented shape creates the thrills that just can’t be duplicated.

Anchor ride

For riders, the funnel’s huge size maximizes both the thrills and the time to anticipate and savor them. Guests just keep coming back to this must-have ride.

A consistent guest favorite, TORNADO 45 is built from award-winning technology. Available in a size for every footprint, budget and ride experience, TORNADOs offer parks a full range of thrills. A true must-have ride. 

Guest Capacity

2-person 4-person
~ Hourly Ride Capacity  360 720
Dispatch Rate  20 seconds 20 seconds
Vehicle  WhirlyWHEEL™ CLOVERleaf™


Hybrid Feature
Hybrid FeatureCan be combined with other rides for a one-of-a-kind attraction: 2, 3 or more features in a single path!
Open or Capped Funnel
Open or Capped FunnelCapped funnel: dark ride sensations, indoor/outdoor installation, enhanced sound & lighting.
Notched Funnel
Notched FunnelV-shaped notch in the funnel gives spectators an even better view!
Open or Enclosed FlumeEnclosed flumes: dark ride experience, indoor/outdoor installation, enhanced sound & lighting.
Fiberglass Opacity Options - 2
Fiberglass Opacity Options - 2Combine opaque and translucent fiberglass to create more wow.
Lighting and Sound
Lighting and SoundAdd a sound & lighting package: takes attraction to a whole new level.
Vehicle Conveyor
Vehicle ConveyorTransports boats to ride start: manages heavier rafts, allows smaller ride footprint,
Twin Start Tub
Twin Start TubTwo rafts or tubes load at a time: increases rider throughput.
Start Lights
Start LightsPhoto sensors monitor riders: added safety, higher capacities.
Pool ExitExits in pool with ~36 in/90 cm of water. Many rides can use same pool.
ProSplash Exit
ProSplash ExitShallow exit channel: ~18 in/46 cm of water. Enables ride to fit in tighter spaces.


Custom Design
Custom DesignEvery ride tailored to fit perfectly, thrill your guests and drive more revenue.
Compound Curves
Compound CurvesProSlide’s complex curves: arcs with different radiuses for faster, tighter ride & stronger g-forces.

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