Waves & Rivers

Crowd pleasers!

The cornerstone of every water park, these attractions provide hours of entertainment for guests of all ages.

Massive value

ProSlide WAVES™ and ProSlide RIVERS™ satisfy the widest demographic of guests. For hours on end.

Custom designs

Like all our attractions, our wave pools and rivers are built to fit your park precisely.

Reliable technology

Delivering top-quality, high-performance wave technology to every water park.

Massive Capacities Delivering Massive Value!


Massive value

ProSlide WAVES and ProSlide RIVERS are the cornerstone of every water park, providing hours of entertainment – without the line ups!

For some guests they are the main attraction. Like spending a day at the beach or floating down river. For others, they are the perfect break from the adrenaline pumping, higher-thrill rides.

Best of all, they help keep your guests where you want them: in the park.

Custom designed

Our ability to customize every ride to fit your park perfectly extends to our rivers and wave pools. Our team of expert designers makes the most of your park’s natural features to ensure these attractions truly belong in your site.

Why ProSlide?

We know water parks and what makes water parks great. We apply our 30 years of best practices knowledge to ensure you maximize the impact and value of these must-have attractions:

  • Position them near food and beverage facilities to encourage guests to linger
  • Make them easily accessible for private events and after-hours functions to drive additional revenue
  • Add a big screen to the pool area to generate excitement and take advantage of sponsorship opportunities
  • Include a not-so-lazy river to create a whole new family adventure

Water Ride Planner

All the water slide information you need in one place. Read about water ride trends, new installations and how you can get the most out of ProSlide products and services.

Water Park Planning Session

Want to turn your vision for a new or expansion water park into reality? Register for a 1-on-1 session with a master water park planner now to talk about your site and strategy.

Ride Design Consultation

Looking for a new water ride? Meet 1-on-1 with a water ride expert and learn how we can customize any ride to best fit your park, guest strategy, budget and more.

Water Ride Style Guide

Color, pattern and opacity of your flumes. Lighting and sound that fit your theme. This guide helps you make a big impact with a unique water ride, because first impressions last.

Just some of the ride choices for your WaterKINGDOM:
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