Double TornadoWAVE 60

Double walls, double thrills!

6 person
720 per hour

Go combo for even more fun!

Ride experience

ProSlide TornadoWAVE™ drops jaws around the world as it sends four-to-six-person rafts into near-vertical, zero gravity moments.

Doubled thrills, doubled impact

Two massive walls dominate the skyscape and awe your guests, and the patented ProSlide ride experience keeps them coming back for more.

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Double TornadoWAVE 60

With its commanding towering curved walls, ProSlide TornadoWAVE drops jaws around the world as it sends four- to six-person rafts into near vertical, zero gravity moments.

Now we’ve doubled the thrills and doubled the impact with the new Double TornadoWAVE™ 60! Two massive walls dominate the skyscape and awe your guests, and the patented ProSlide® ride experience keeps them coming back for more.

Ride experience

On ProSlide wave-walls, riders feel the longest hang times and zero G-forces as they sweep up and across the wall, virtually defying gravity before descending and exiting into an out-run as narrow as 9-feet (3 m). The thrill is maximized with in-runs and out-runs that include banked curves, dips and turns.

Go combo for even more fun!

Adding more iconic features—such as bowls or funnels—to the already thrilling ride path creates an even more unique ProSlide combo ride and offers your guests the ride of their lives.

Iconic rides

The buzz-worthy anchors of your park, iconic water rides are impressive to look at and a thrill to ride.  Capacities of ~720 riders per hour bring water parks one giant step closer to meeting guest strategy and targets.

Guest Capacity

~ Hourly Ride Capacity 720
Dispatch Rate 20 seconds
Vehicle CLOVERleaf™

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