ProSlide dominates water coaster count in North America!

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ProSlide dominates water coaster count in North America!

Exclusive provider of LIM based water coasters in North America!

“Imagine a cross between a whitewater raft ride and a roller coaster,” Splish Splash Waterpark’s Mike Bengtson explained. “Bootlegger’s Run is like a roller coaster that races on water instead of rails.” HydroMAGNETIC® water coasters are a quantum leap in waterpark  attraction technology, and the industry definitely understands the difference quality makes! Ten HydroMAGNETIC Coasters are being installed this year, two of which at iconic parks in North America.

  • Best ride performance: finally water coasters with the long, steep, fast uphills and downhills that rival dry park roller coasters.
  • Highest capacity: the power of the motor, the conveyor design & integrated controls all help drive capacities up to 1,080 guests an hour.
  • Optimized operations with significantly-reduced energy use, tablet-style touch screens, visual dashboards, real-time remote monitoring and much more.

This summer Splish Splash Waterpark (Calverton, NY) and Dollywood (Pigeon Forge, TN) have both added a 4-person HydroMAGNETIC ROCKET to their artillery. Both parks have trusted their iconic attractions to exclusively ProSlide for the past decade.