Superb attractions to thrill all ages

ProSlide has helped create the most iconic outdoor water parks in the world. How do we do it?


We work with your site’s natural features to take best advantage of your space and budget.

Innovative products

Our innovative rides thrill all ages and maximize capacity.

Expert planning

Our water park planners set the perfect entertainment level for your strategy and budget.

Deep experience

No one knows outdoor water parks better.

“We greatly value our relationship with ProSlide.
Our guests look forward to riding their rides again and again.”

Matt Eckert, Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, USA.


Custom outdoor slides

We customize every ride to make the most of your site’s natural features. With the widest range of fiberglass parts, we can ensure your water slides truly belong in your site.

This design flexibility also saves you money. We’re able to take full advantage of your topography – using hills and saving on steel wherever possible.

Innovative water slides

ProSlide water rides are legendary. Iconic attractions, superior ride performance and constant innovation ensure happy riders, bigger buzz, repeat visits and higher revenues. Years later, ProSlide rides are just as exciting as the day they were installed.

With the most ride types and sizes in every category, ProSlide makes it easy to entertain your full range of guests. And keep them in the park longer.

With more rides for 4 to 6 people than any other water slide manufacturer, ProSlide helps you achieve the highest capacities. Our many innovations – like patented entry and exit systems – raise throughput and efficiency even more.

Expert outdoor park planning

Offer too little entertainment and guests won’t return. Offer too much and you delay your return on investment.

Based on a deep understanding of water park best practices, our master planning team helps you establish the right entertainment level for your budget. We:

  • Calculate your in-park capacity based on a ‘design day.’
  • Determine how much and what type of entertainment will keep guests coming back.
  • Establish the optimal size and investment for your attendance targets
  • Plan ride layout for impact and flow.
  • Develop a sophisticated, fully immersive themed environment.

Deep outdoor park experience

ProSlide has been in the business for decades; we even operate our own water park. No one knows outdoor water parks better.

With thousands of rides installed in outdoor parks around the world. ProSlide has been instrumental in shaping the most iconic outdoor parks in the world:

  • Disney, Six Flags
  • Wet’n’Wild, Holiday World
  • Siam Park, Yas Waterworld
  • OCT parks, Happy Magic

Water Park Planning Session

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Water Ride Planner

All the water slide information you need in one place. Read about water ride trends, new installations and how you can get the most out of ProSlide products and services.

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