Thinking outside the box

Creating a world-class indoor water park is all about using your limited space to best advantage. How do we do it?


Decades of ride design, operations and master planning for indoor parks worldwide make ProSlide the perfect partner.


We customize every ride we sell so you can profit from your unique space, stand out in a crowded market and achieve your business goals.


Our huge variety of water park rides and options lets you solve space constraints while creating big impact and marketing buzz.

“ProSlide helped us create one of the most unique indoor facilities in Europe.”

Dr. Anton Hoefter, Splash e Spa Tamaro, Switzerland.



  • Our experience with indoor parks worldwide goes back decades. ProSlide has been in this industry since the beginning, working with the indoor water park and resort pioneers to create high-thrill, big-ride venues. Since then, we’ve worked with hundreds of indoor parks of all sizes and types, helping them drive increased attendance and repeat visits.
  • We have deep expertise in master planning entire parks as well as adding water attractions to hotels and resorts. Our professional engineers and architects know indoor spaces. We respond to your goals with captivating themes, the perfect mix of rides and services, and an integrated plan that really flows. Recent master plans include Wanda Hefei & Wanda Qingdao: two huge and highly-themed indoor parks in China.
  • Custom complexes, massive entertainment hubs with many rides on a single tower, make the most of your space and infrastructure. We’ve built close to 70 of these since 1992.
  • Our knowledge of operational best practices leads to smart design: stairways and queuing areas that eliminate bottlenecks, ride layouts that reduce the number of attendants, and efficient raft return and storage. This deep understanding comes from running our own water park.


We customize every ride we build so you can profit from your unique footprint, stand out in a crowded market and achieve your business goals.

Our design expertise and widest range of fiberglass parts let us interweave and stack rides – even big ones – to fit tightly in your space. Our goal: use your building’s entire volume. With rides and run-outs on multiple levels, shared towers, stairs and supports, and much more.

And because we can cap massive features like our funnels or bowls, we can put them outside the building. Even your roof-top is fair game if you need extra height!


ProSlide has the widest variety of rides, letting us create just the right mix for your space and strategy. We’re the only supplier with a full range of kids’ rides: mini versions of our award-winning slides.

And we consider every detail:

  • Caps on iconic rides to house them outside your building, maximizing footprint and creating drive-by impact!
  • ProSplash exit channels are more compact than a pool but with the same large capacities.
  • Compact start tubs save space on tower platforms.

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