Successful water parks around
the world

With thousands of rides installed in hundreds of parks, ProSlide has been instrumental in shaping the best water parks in the world.

We’ve provided exceptional rides, custom design and master planning to the best of the best. Disney, Six Flags, Wet ‘n Wild, Center Parcs, Siam Park, OCT, Happy Magic Group and countless others return to ProSlide over and over to expand and build new parks.

Why do the most prestigious waterparks in every corner of the world count on us for their success? Because ProSlide does everything we can to make great water parks. We provide:

  • The best rides with the wow factor needed to instantly differentiate your park
  • Experience designing, planning and installing in every kind and size of park
  • A passion for the industry and the success of our customers
“Virtually every ride in all 12 of our resorts is made by ProSlide.
We truly value our partnership.”

Tim Black, Great Wolf Resorts, USA.

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