Iconic Rides

Landmarks of your business.

Impressive to look at and a thrill to ride, ProSlide iconic water rides are the true anchors of your park. Find out why.

Big impact

Exciting shapes and massive sizes attract guests and build anticipation for miles around.

Huge thrills

Superior ride performance offers guests high entertainment value and keeps them coming back.

High capacity

Design and innovation ensure iconic rides can handle the huge crowds they attract, consistently and with zero downtime.


Iconic Ride Installations


Since 1992

1st Place


Since 2003

“ProSlide rides rank #1 with our guests. Huge wow factor.”

Tim Mow, Yas Waterworld, UAE.


Big impact

Huge water slides create the excitement and anticipation that drive attendance. ProSlide rides always look great: from sleek lines and creative lighting to the color, pattern and opacity of the fiberglass. Install them close to roads and create anticipation for miles around. Use them as a hook in your marketing campaigns and create some serious buzz.

Iconic rides differentiate your park and help you grab more wallet share in the crowded entertainment market. ProSlide offers the widest range of iconic rides, with more categories and sizes than any other manufacturer. No matter your park size, ride footprint or budget, we have the iconic ride to fit.

Huge thrills

Creating a truly iconic attraction is not just about putting a big water slide in the park. It’s about rides that are precisely engineered to offer big thrills and a smooth, safe ride.  No one does thrill rides better than ProSlide. Our downhill skiing heritage really comes out in ride designs that are grounded in the physics of high speeds, smooth turns, steep grades and big drops. Our rides deliver an unforgettable experience that keeps guests coming back.

And once we’ve created a great ride, we don’t stop there. We’re constantly innovating. We’ve pioneered almost every major iconic ride innovation, from inventing the world’s fastest, steepest LIM water coasters to designing the perfect funnel-shaped TORNADOs. We hold patents in every category, and these unique rides are only available from ProSlide.

High capacity

ProSlide has the widest range of high capacity rides, accommodating four, five and six guests per vehicle.  We’ve also optimized every aspect of our rides to increase throughput. Twin-entry start tubs, predictable ride paths and patented exit systems all help eliminate dispatch delays, mid-ride evacuations and bottlenecks that plague other manufacturers’ rides.

A world-class reputation

Don’t leave the success of your iconic ride to chance. ProSlide has installed more iconic water slides than any other manufacturer. Virtually every major water park in the world trusts their iconic attraction to ProSlide. And that trust is well founded: our rides are consistent favorites for water park guests worldwide.

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