IAAPA 2018

IAAPA 2018

Orlando, FL, USA

November 13-16, 2018

Booth # 2054


Iconic rides differentiate your park and help you grab more wallet share. ProSlide® offers the widest range of iconic rides, with more categories and sizes than any other manufacturer. Profit from your unique footprint and topography. ProSlide custom ride design makes the most of your site’s natural features and mitigates its challenges.

Stand out in a crowded market. Differentiation is critical when you’re competing for guests. We have a rich history of introducing game-changing water ride technologies and enhancing them to maximizes ride performance.  Result: Your one-of-a-kind park with our one-of-a-kind rides will immediately rise to the top.

Customer’s needs are continually changing, and we evolve with the times. We work with you to design a ride – or a whole park – that supports your targets. There’s no place in your strategy for one-size-fits-all water rides.

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