The FlyingSAUCER: How We Do It

The ProSlide® FlyingSAUCER™—A World’s First.

Riders experience thrills in a whole new way when their line of sight follows the lightning quick turns of the FlyingSAUCER! 

The ProSlide FlyingSAUCER is a breakthrough in water ride technology. Most rides force riders to look straight ahead, but the FlyingSAUCER compels riders to look down the fall line.

Riders will see where the signature compound curves are taking them next. Maximum visual excitement means more anticipation and more fun!

Want to learn more about how we do it? Watch this video and feel the science of the FlyingSAUCER.

The FlyingSAUCER is also customizable with other iconic features such as funnels, bowls and walls. Mix them up into one exhilarating ride path!

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