Speed Slides

Pitch perfect.

A dare for some, an addiction for others. ProSlide speed slides drop, bump and careen their way to the pool with little standing in the way of pure gravity.

Ride experience

These high velocity plummets drop body riders and rafts through near-vertical chutes, over bumps and around tight 360s. The one constant is flat-out speed.

Exclusive technology

ProSlide's narrow, U-shaped fiberglass profile revolutionized speed slide design with the smoothest, safest high-speed ride experience.

Classic water ride

Trap door launch and steep drops amp up the exhilaration in these classic flume-based rides: impact, capacity and value all in one.

Industry Leadership

Speed Slide Installations


Since 1987

ProSlide speed slides:
In more water parks than any others.

“ProSlide helped us set a new standard for extreme-thrill speed slides in Europe.”

Hans Ericsson, Skara Sommarland, Sweden.


Ride experience

ProSlide speed slides were created for the true adrenalin-seeker. With grades as steep as 80°, these high velocity plummets never slow until the rider or raft is shot into the landing pool.

Straight slides offer a heart-stopping plunge. Loops and twisters create high Gs through curves and 360s. Riders feel maximum compression through stomach-dropping bump rides.

Add a SkyBOX launch system and take these speed slides over the top. Truly breathtaking.

Whether a solo body ride or a raft with friends, the speed water slide is a legendary must-ride, etched in guest memory for years to come.

Exclusive technology

ProSlide revolutionized fiberglass speed slide design with a narrow, U-shaped profile that eliminates side-to-side movement for riders.

The innovative shape also let flumes double in height to allow high speeds in perfect safety.

Offer guests even more speed and excitement by adding a SkyBox drop launch system to your body speed slides. Now in its third generation, the SkyBOX drop-gate launch system is the most advanced in the world for safety, performance, high capacity and efficient operations.

Classic water ride

Superior ride performance, massive impact and complete safety. This is why ProSlide speed slides are in more water parks than any other manufacturer.

Speed slide installations in high profile water parks around the world have been awarded for their ability to thrill guests and satisfy targets.

We love this highest-thrill body slide so much we’ve created 7 different varieties:

  • SuperLOOP sends solo riders through a near-vertical chute into a tight 360
  • FreeFALL simulates a six-story fall into six inches of water
  • MultiBUMP drops solo riders over a series of near-vertical pitches
  • TurboTWISTER is an amped-up version of the classic solo ride Twister
  • SkyBOX drop-gate launch system takes our solo speed slides over the top
  • TurboPIPEline is a pumped-up version of the high-capacity 2-rider serpentine slide
  • TurboMAMMOTH is a speedier high-capacity mega-raft water ride

Certifications: IEC, UL & NEC. CSEI.

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