Serpentine Rides

Adventure for the whole family.

With thrills that families and friends can enjoy together, ProSlide serpentine rides are the backbone of a unique and successful park.

Ride experience

Twisting flumes thrill riders with back-to-back curves, drops and chutes.

Exclusive technology

Our many patented innovations maximize fun, safety and capacity.

Classic water ride

Serpentine water rides are the building blocks of a one-of-a-kind park.

A whole range of fun

Mix serpentine rides to match your unique footprint, budget and guest strategy.

Industry Leadership

Serpentine Ride Installations


Since 1987

Serpentine Ride

2005 Best New Water Park Ride

1996 Best New Water Park Ride

1995 Best New Product

2014 Leading Edge

2013 Leading Edge

1991 Best New Water Park Ride

“Virtually every ride in all 12 of our resorts is made by ProSlide.
We truly value our partnership.”

Tim Black, Great Wolf Resorts, USA.


Ride experience

The first rides ever built and still the most popular, serpentine slides are truly classic. Fiberglass flumes snake down slopes, thrilling riders with back-to-back curves, drops and chutes.

At ProSlide, we engineer a ride experience that’s the most fun in perfect safety. Guests of all sizes have the same thrilling ride, whether hugging the wall or shooting out of a turn like a slingshot.

The ProSlide compound curve is key to our highly predictable ride path. We alternate the radius of our curves between long and short for high excitement in maximum comfort.

Because of our downhill skiing heritage, we’re obsessed with ride performance. The result? Your guests get a smoother, tighter ride with stronger g-forces. Your park gets big capacities, safe riders and repeat customers!

Exclusive technology

Three decades of evolution, and ProSlide is still the design leader of the massively popular serpentine water ride. Our many innovations maximize thrills, safety and capacity – all at once!

  • Our invention of MAMMOTH family rafting rides in the 90s took the industry to new levels when we doubled the width of  our ride flumes and tripled their height!
  • Face-to-face tubes – another ProSlide invention – let friends fully share the thrills and chills of the ride.
  • Our  twin-entry loading system gives riders ample time to settle in rafts without reducing ride capacity.
  • We design rides with open sight lines for safe and steady dispatch by minimal staff.

Classic water ride

ProSlide’s classic water slides are consistent performers that round out the guest experience and provide maximum value for your budget.

Serpentine rides are the original water ride and still going strong. Winner of multiple Best Water Ride awards, we have installed over 1,600 serpentine rides around the world.

Serpentines are the building blocks of a successful and one-of-a-kind water park. Why? Because they easily respond to your unique space and site challenges without losing an ounce of fun. We customize every one of our serpentine rides to:

  • Maximize topography
  • Fit into available spaces
  • Deliver the right thrill level
  • Reduce costs

A whole range of fun

Maximize guest enjoyment by offering a range of serpentine rides for a full range of fun:

  • MAMMOTH mega-tube rafting rides with open, sweeping flumes invite a group to share the fun face to face.
  • PIPEline water rides propel a 2-person tube down a mid-sized flume.
  • TWISTER body or mat water rides let solo riders fly through the dips and turns of a narrow U-shaped flume.

Expanding your park? Building indoors? ProSlide’s design acumen and custom approach let you braid multiple flumes into tight spaces.

Flumes can be open or enclosed, opaque or translucent. Take it over the top by throwing in an iconic feature. Riders just keep coming back.

Patents: 131880, 29155363, 29210123, 293353363, 29362550, multiple other patents pending.

Certifications: IEC, UL & NEC. CSEI.

Award-winning serpentine rides: