Essential Rides

Essential slides. Better every year.

At ProSlide, we never stop innovating our essential water rides. Your park gets big appeal at maximum value.

Something for everyone

Let teens hit warp speed while families bond on a wild raft ride.

Perfecting performance

No detail escapes our eye for invention. Maximum thrills result.

Hit all your targets

Lean on our decades of experience to meet your strategic goals.

“I have just one word for ProSlide rides: AWESOME!”

Robb Alvey, Theme Park Review, USA.


Something for everyone

Everybody loves classic, flume-based water rides:

The diversity and high entertainment value of these essential rides bring guests back, over and over. Straight or twisting. Double dare speed rides or gentler rafting rides. Go it alone or with friends. With the widest range of essential rides, ProSlide has something for everyone.

Perfecting performance

Since the earliest days of the industry, ProSlide has never stopped innovating our essential rides for more fun and thrills:

  • Our revolutionary U-shaped flume profiles make speed slides faster and more comfortable.
  • The heart-pounding 80o angle of our ultra-safe SkyBOX drop-launch system is the steepest in the industry.
  • Racing inventions like the enclosed looping OctopusRACER and the braided KrakenRACER thrill competitors.
  • ProSlide’s compound radius curves create faster, smoother, tighter turns with stronger g-forces.

No detail escapes our eye for invention. We’ve even designed hydrodynamic mats for a swifter descent!

Hit all your targets

Complementing the wow factor of your big anchor rides, essential water slides are consistent performers that round out the guest experience and provide maximum value for your budget.

Expanding your park? Building indoors? ProSlide’s design acumen and custom approach let you weave multiple flumes into tight spaces.

We know the classics. Over 3 decades, we’ve installed well over 2,000 essential water rides on every continent, more than any other manufacturer. Our customers agree that these quintessential water rides from ProSlide let them hit all their targets.

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