Tsunami – RocketBLAST™/FlyingSAUCER™

Super Aqua Club, Canada

Super Aqua Club

Raising the bar with North America’s first RocketBLAST™ / FlyingSAUCER™

Réjean Julien Proulx, owner of Super Aqua Club (located just 30 minutes from Montréal, Quebéc), knows a thing or two about running a water park. Before purchasing the park in 2011, Réjean had been its Operating Director since 1986. Typically open for just over 85 days a year, Super Aqua Club attracts about 300,000 visitors each season.

Already considered to be one of the best (and safest) water parks in North America — featuring 45 different water slides and an idyllic lakeside location with a private beach — Réjean wasn’t satisfied with past achievements. He knew to initiate his water park transformation plan that he needed a world-class water ride.

Breaking new ground with a new idea.

At the behest of ProSlide founder and CEO, Rick Hunter, Réjean visited Siam Park (in Tenerife, Spain) to ride Singha, the world’s first ProSlide RocketBLAST™/FlyingSAUCER™.

“We fell in love with the ride when we rode the Singha in Spain in September 2015,” explains Proulx. “I’ve tried water slides all over the world but I’m not calling this a water slide. We decided right away that we had to have one for the guests at Super Aqua Club.”

Recognized by both the WWA (with a Leading Edge award) and by IAAPA (with a first place award for Best New Water Ride) in 2015, Singha blends two exclusive technologies together to create a one-of-a-kind experience. The combination of a FlyingSAUCER and RocketBLAST provides thrillseekers high speeds and high thrills with a massive saucer shape feature which creates a ‘drop-and-dive’ sensation: think World Cup giant slalom ski race!

In July 2016, Tsumani opened at Super Aqua Club. A North American exclusive, the Tsunami was custom-designed for the park. With the ability to handle up to 540 riders an hour, Tsumani is 663 feet (202m) long, features four saucers and two propulsion zones that thrust three-person rafts to speeds that can reach more than 20 mph (35 km/h) – a rate unprecedented in most existing water park attractions.

With 3 hour line-ups Super Aqua Club reached its goal of attaining full return on investment in the first year of operation. “We’ve never been busier and Tsumani lifted our attendance to its highest level in our 31-year history,” says Proulx. “Montrealers love Tsunami; it’s unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before.”

“Tsunami [RocketBLAST™/FlyingSAUCER™] lifted our attendance to its highest level in our 31-year history. We’ve never been busier!”

Réjean Julien Proulx, Super Aqua Club

Invested in water park success.

ProSlide has delivered 16 industry-leading attractions to Super Aqua Club since 2003, including a ProBOWL™ 30 and multiple varieties of our serpentine rides and speed slides, including the TWISTER™, MAMMOTH™, PIPEline™, and FreeFall™. Super Aqua Club also has two Impact award-winning attractions: a TORNADO® 60 and a BehemothBOWL™ 60.

“ProSlide’s focus on constant innovation is one of the things that drives our ongoing relationship,” says Proulx. “They are always bringing us new ideas that other ride manufacturers simply don’t consider, like Tsunami. There are just two rides like it in the whole world and one of them is at Super Aqua Club.”

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