Hybrid Ride: TORNADO 24/TornadoWAVE

Siam Park: From Start-up To World’s Best In Just 6 Years!

Siam Park is one of the most successful water parks in the world. Trip Advisor’s #1 water park in 2014, 2015 and 2016 (read the full story). European Star’s Best Water Park award winner in 2015, where it is also one of the busiest with 850,000+ annual visitors.

How did they go from launch to best-in-the-world in just six years? According to Christoph Kiessling, General Manager:

  • Start with a strong vision
  • Select partners who deliver
  • Use innovation to differentiate

Clear vision

Before breaking ground, Kiessling visited 75+ water parks to gather ideas. His travels to the Far East inspired the theme.

A key goal: to create an immersive environment, where guests could escape from their everyday lives. To do that, Kiessling needed Siam Park to blend in with its natural surroundings. “We don’t believe in ‘plastic fantastic’. In our park, the focus is on the environment and the theming.”

Partners who deliver

When it came to choosing the ride manufacturer, Kiessling needed an innovative partner who appreciated his unique location.

“Other suppliers came to the site, stood on our hill and told us to flatten it. ProSlide saw it as an opportunity”, says Kiessling. “We walked the site together and they set down chalk lines right in front of my eyes. They designed exactly where the curves and drops of the rides would go, based on my terrain.”

“When we design a park, we always think of the environment first. And that’s what we did for Siam Park,” says Rick Hunter, ProSlide President & CEO. “We looked at those first 13 rides, matched them with the ideal gradients and fall lines. Then custom-designed the rides to perform perfectly. We were able to achieve the look they wanted – and save money – by really using the natural topography.”

Fast Facts

  • Opened: September 2008, with additional rides installed in 2012 and 2015
  • Size of park: 18.5 hectares/46 acres
  • Annual attendance: 850,000
  • Ride mix: 16+ ProSlide rides, including two world-first hybrid rides, the newest BLAST Water Coaster, Saucers, Funnels, Bowls, KIDZ rides and much more.

First Place Awards

  • 2015 IAAPA Best New Water Ride – Hybrid: RocketBLAST/ FlyingSAUCER
  • 2015 WWA Leading Edge Award – Siam Park
  • 2015 Trip Advisor – #1 Water Park in the World
  • 2012 – 2015 European Star – #1 Best Water Park
  • 2014 European Star – #1 Hybrid: TORNADO 24/TornadoWAVE – Siam Park
  • 2014 Trip Advisor – #1 Water Park in the World

“Trusting relationships are not easy to find. With ProSlide we are always important, from the start of every project to the end.”

Christopher Kiessling, Siam Park

Differentiators through innovation

A park like Siam – located on Tenerife, the crown jewel of the Canary Islands – drives 90% of its attendance from tourists. In a location with many distractions, they needed to be laser-focused on standing out.

2008’s Phase One opened to rave reviews. The speed and performance of the rides. The way they hugged the terrain. Their muted colors and dramatic theming. All combined to create a unique and spectacular experience.

2012’s Phase Two and Kiessling presented another challenge. “I wanted our guests to have a thrilling sensation, unlike anything they had ever experienced on a water ride,” he says.

The result: the ProSlide TORNADO® 24 / TornadoWAVE™ Hybrid.  “We trusted ProSlide could deliver Kinnarree because we knew the performance of their existing slides.”

Siam also wanted to delight their youngest guests. “Kids were looking up at all the marvelous rides that they couldn’t get on because of height restrictions,” says Kiessling. That led to Sawasdee: kid-sized versions of their iconic, adult rides.

2015’s Phase Three: Siam Park needed an uphill coaster ride to round off their attractions mix.  Only game-changing innovation would do.

“We didn’t want the old-style water propulsion coaster that the others were offering,” says Kiessling. “We were looking for something more entertaining, more thrilling. So we worked with ProSlide to come up with Singha.”

“ProSlide goes above and beyond to make our projects a success.”

Tangible results

It’s no wonder Siam Park has earned Trip Advisor’s rating as the #1 water park in the world. With over 11,000 online reviews, it has clearly won the hearts and minds of water ride enthusiasts everywhere.

Water park owners from around the globe now travel to Tenerife to see some of the most exciting water rides in action and to learn from Christoph Kiessling’s experience.

In January 2016, Mariano Rajoy (Spain’s acting Prime Minister) presented Kiessling with the prestigious Plaque for Merit in Tourism, citing Siam Park’s contribution to the ‘enrichment of tourist attractions and leisure’.

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