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Kalahari Resorts Poconos, USA

Kalahari! Kalahari!! Kalahari!!!

Three Kalahari resorts get the full ProSlide treatment.

What do the largest indoor water park in the U.S., the second largest indoor water park in the U.S., and the third largest indoor water park in the U.S. all have in common? Two things:

  1. They are all Kalahari resorts
  2. They all just opened new and exciting expansions that feature fun and thrilling ProSlide rides

The largest indoor water park in the U.S.

First off the blocks is Kalahari Resorts Poconos, which in March of 2017 officially became the largest indoor water park in the U.S., weighing in at 220,000 square feet of watery wonder. Todd Nelson, owner of Kalahari Resorts and Convention Centers, broke his own record. Up until early March 2017 the largest indoor water park in the U.S. – at 173,000 square feet – was Kalahari’s Sandusky, Ohio resort. “It’s so wonderful to create America’s largest indoor water park,” proclaims Nelson, “and it’s actually the third time we’ve done that!”

The Poconos “Phase II” expansion included 8 new ProSlide rides, a wave pool, lazy river, and much, much more. You can read more about it here.

“ProSlide’s impacted my bottom line a lot.”

Todd Nelson, Owner, Kalahari Resorts and Convention Centers

Number two and number three

Next up is Kalahari Resorts Wisconsin Dells, which debuted their new ride, “The Smoke that Thunders,” on Memorial Day 2017. It’s an exciting and iconic ProSlide BehemothBOWL 40/TornadoWAVE 60 hybrid ride, with rafts that sweep up and across the curved wall, climbing higher and hanging in zero gravity longer than any other wall on the market.

And finally in 2017 (also right around Memorial Day) Kalahari showed off 5 new ProSlide rides at Kalahari Resorts Sandusky. The new rides include another ProSlide TornadoWAVE 45, along with a massive ProSlide FlyingSAUCER 30 that moves at lightning speed, tubes banked high up on the wall, glued by centrifugal force, the steep angle of the saucers creating a ‘drop-and-dive’ sensation as riders race along its edge. Add a hybrid TORNADO 24/TORNADO 24 combo, a ProSlide TWISTER and TurboTWISTER, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for family fun and thrills.

Why ProSlide?

Why did Kalahari choose ProSlide rides? Of course it helps that ProSlide makes the best water slides in the world for the best parks in the world, but really it comes down to relationships. According to Nelson, “We’ve had a good partnership for a lotta, lotta years. They’re exclusive in our Pennsylvania project, so every single ride out there is a ProSlide product. We’re very pleased with them.”

But it’s not just relationships; this is business, after all. “ProSlide’s impacted my bottom line a lot. You know, the indoor water park is the reason people come…and for us to have the latest, greatest, and the best things out there it’s crucial. Another thing I just love that ProSlide does is that when you get a date from ProSlide, you’re opening up. No matter what they have to do, we will open up.”

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Kalahari Resorts Sandusky, USA
Kalahari Resorts Sandusky, USA