Beech Bend Splash Lagoon, USA

The center for summer fun.

When planning the largest expansion in its nearly 30-year history, Splash Lagoon (part of the Beech Bend Amusement Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky) knew that they needed a colossal, high-impact structure that would be as impressive to look at as it was to ride.
In addition, they wanted something:

  • innovative: with features that their guests – and the industry as a whole – hadn’t seen before;
  • unique: with slides that you can’t find at any of the three other water parks located just two hours away;
  • high capacity: with growing attendance and demand for new attractions, they needed something that could entertain a large number of guests; and compact: with a limited amount of available space in which to install new attractions, they were looking for something that delivered a lot of “bang for the buck”.

Building the perfect ride. Every time.

ProSlide is always ready for a challenge. We’ve built dozens of unique, custom complexes around the world. Each complex features attractions that are impressive on their own. When they’re combined on a single tower, they provide a real draw, thrilling guests, saving costs and driving up capacities in tight spaces.

“We needed an attraction that would give us more capacity, but we also wanted an iconic ride and we didn’t have a lot of available space,” explains Charlotte Gonzalez, the General Manager of Beech Bend. “I was extremely impressed with the design that I got back from ProSlide. They listened to all of our requirements and the second I saw it, I knew that it was perfect!”

Four iconic rides. One custom-make ‘tower of thrills’

In July 2016, Splash Lagoon officially opened the massive entertainment hub (handling up to 1,620 riders an hour) that features four industry-leading water rides (ranging from 395 feet/120m to 495 feet/151m long), all accessible from a single 55-foot (16.75 m) tower:

  • World-first gravity FlyingSAUCER™: Cyclone Saucers is also North America’s first ever installation of the FlyingSAUCER™ feature. Riders fly around the edge of three saucers at high speeds, glued to the wall by centrifugal force. The steep angle of the saucers create a drop-and-dive sensation as riders carve along its edge. The feeling is like a World Cup giant slalom ski race – in perfect control.
  • Catch the wave: Tidal Wave positions riders face-to-face as they surge up a thrilling wall (a ProSlide TornadoWAVE™ 45), climbing higher and hanging in zero gravity longer than any other wall on the market. From high up on the wall, the narrow out-run looks like the eye of a needle. Not to worry; our ride path is designed to be predictable, even if rider weight varies.
  • Revolutionary joy ride: Polynesian Plunge drops riders down a steep in-run then shoots them into the wide-open bowl (a ProSlide CannonBOWL™ 40), which is engineered to create the smoothest, safest rotations. As tubes slow, water jets send tubes effortlessly to the center, then into the patented CorkScrew™ exit.
  • Back-to-back, open-topped funnels: Riptide begins with an intense dark ride section, building anticipation as riders move between smooth, back-to-back turns and stomach-dropping thrills in the funnel slides (ProSlide TORNADO® 24 / TORNADO® 24), not knowing what to expect next.

“Our new ProSlide complex features slides that are unique and iconic … and we’re confident that it will be our star attraction for many years to come.”

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“I was extremely impressed with the design that I got back from ProSlide. They listened to all of our requirements and the second I saw it, I knew that it was perfect!”

Charlotte Gonzalez, Beech Bend Park