Big wave surfing.

In our mission to create the world’s best water rides, ProSlide has completely revolutionized wall-style water rides.

Ride experience

Rafts surge high up the wall, hang weightless before sweeping across and dropping into a thrilling exit.

Exclusive technology

The world’s only curved-wall rides, ProSlide wave-walls are engineered for exhilaration.

Iconic water ride

ProSlide walls command attention in any park with their massive size, zero-g's, and loud riders!

Industry Leadership

Wall Ride Installations


Since 2012

Wall Ride

2014 Best New Water Park Ride

2014 Leading Edge Award

“Our Tsunami Surge combines great thrills and tremendous throughout for our guests. ProSlide really delivered!”

Dale Kaetzel, Six Flags over Georgia, USA.


Ride experience

The high-speed in-run cranks riders around back-to-back curves and dips, revving up the suspense before dropping them through a steep chute and onto the WAVE!

Rafts sweep up and across the curved wall, climbing higher and hanging in zero gravity longer than any other wall on the market. Riders wonder if they’ll flip. The physics of our wave-wall won’t let them…but they don’t need to know that!

From high up on the wall, the narrow out-run looks like the eye of a needle. Will the raft make it through?

Of course! Our ride path is predictable, no matter the raft weight. Rafts cruise flawlessly on to the next thrill.

Exclusive technology

ProSlide walls look slick and are complex, high-performance riding surfaces.

Based on ProSlide’s award-winning TORNADO technology, our walls use the physics of that patented true funnel shape to create the same high thrills in perfect safety.

A breakthrough innovation over the older wide, flat walls, ProSlide wall rides:

  • Send rafts up the wall faster, higher, with longer hang-time
  • Deliver a consistent exit into flumes as narrow as 90 inches (2.3 m)
  • Ensure complete safety and high capacities
  • Use less fiberglass because of their precise ride path.

Iconic water ride

The buzz-worthy anchors of your park, iconic water rides are impressive to look at and a thrill to ride. With their high curved walls, ProSlide wave-walls command attention in any park.

  • The TornadoWAVE 60 drops jaws around the world as it sends 4- to 6-person rafts into near-vertical zero-gravity moments.
  • With 6 installations in its first two years, the TornadoWAVE 45 tubing ride is a success off the mark. Its more compact footprint and affordable price make it perfect indoors and out.

Adding more iconic features – like bowls or funnels – to the ride path creates an even more unique hybrid attraction.

Patents: 1659285, 61261101, 10021569, 10851674, 12691210, CA2010001763, multiple other patents pending.

Certifications: IEC, UL & NEC. CSEI.

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