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Hybrid water rides are the ultimate anchor attractions: one-of-a-kind rides that create immediate buzz. This entirely new water ride category was invented by ProSlide.

Ride experience

Hybrids link iconic water rides like funnels, bowls, walls and LIM water coasters into a single ride path for non-stop thrills.

Exclusive technology

ProSlide’s deep design expertise and exceptional products are at the heart of these thrilling hybrid water slides.

Iconic water ride

Unique anchor attractions, ProSlide hybrid water rides are thrilling guests, differentiating water parks and driving higher attendance all over the world.

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Hybrid Rides
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2014 Best New Water Park Ride

2013 Best New Water Park Ride

2015 Best New Water Park Ride

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2017 Best New Waterpark Ride

“Our Kinnaree is unlike anything else in the world with three thrilling water rides in one.”

Christoph Kiessling, Siam Park, Spain.

Hybrid water rides

Ride experience

Guests love impressive attractions. To meet the demand for ever bigger, more impactful attractions, ProSlide invented this entirely new category of water rides in 2008.

Hybrid rides combine iconic rides like funnels, saucers, bowls and walls into a single ride path. These big hitters are connected with classic serpentine flumes that vary the tempo and keep anticipation high.

Take the excitement over the top by including a LIM or BLAST water coaster to create steeper hills and drops.

Exclusive technology

Each ProSlide hybrid water ride is  built to suit your park perfectly: customized to your topography, desired thrill level, target capacities, and budget.

How do we design hybrid rides that are equally thrilling, safe and efficient?

  • Our deep design expertise lets us create almost any combination of rides.
  • The predictable ride path of each individual ride ensures complete safety.
  • Our wide range of fiberglass profiles gives us an almost infinite number of building blocks.

Iconic water ride

ProSlide hybrid water rides let you offer a truly unique and exhilarating anchor attraction. Perfect for water parks looking to create massive differentiation.

ProSlide hybrids are huge water park hits, winning ‘best ride in the park!’ accolades from guests around the world.

These popular combinations are thrilling riders and driving higher attendance and capacities wherever they’re installed:

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