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ProSlide TORNADOs tempt guests from afar, then thrill them with speed and variety. Water sliders can’t get enough of these impressive funnels.

Ride experience

Funnels swing rafts between zero gravity and intense drops.

Exclusive technology

Revolutionary patented funnel shape: maximum thrills in complete safety.

Iconic ride

Award-winning TORNADOs are amazing to look at and a thrill to ride.

Sized for every need

Mix TORNADO sizes to match your unique footprint, budget and guest strategy.

Industry Leadership

Funnel Ride Installations


Since 2003

Funnel Ride

2003 Impact Award

2013 Best New Water Park Ride

2010 Best New Water Park Ride

2009 Best New Water Park Ride

2003 Best New Water Park Ride

2014 Leading Edge (2)

2013 Leading Edge

2012 Leading Edge

2003 Best Water Park Ride

“The ProSlide TORNADO drove a huge increase of guests to our park.”

Dax Eddy, Jamberoo Action Park, Australia.


Ride experience

Whether a single giant funnel or a series of linked funnels, ProSlide TORNADOs offer a unique and exciting ride experience.

Funnel rides start with a serpentine course to build anticipation. Then rafts suddenly drop from the flume into the wide-open funnel, where riders swing between freefall and weightless hang time.

  • Big funnels deliver serious speeds, maximum Gs and massive sweeps that draw out and intensify the thrills.
  • Smaller TORNADOs combine to deliver surprise and fast-paced variety for kids and adults alike.

Exclusive technology

Engineered for excitement, the ProSlide TORNADO’s completely unique true funnel shape offers a high impact experience.

The physics of the patented funnel allows rafts to travel higher up the steep walls until almost vertical! Unparalleled excitement in perfect safety. A water injection system ensures every raft exits consistently ­for highest capacities.

Try capping a bigger TORNADO. The dark option adds a new level of excitement. And smaller indoor parks can offer this breathtaking water ride with the funnel outside the building!

Iconic water ride

ProSlide funnels are huge in both visual impact and legendary rides. With bursts of speed, intense drops and zero-gravity moments, TORNADOs create an exciting water slide experience.

The jaw-dropping size of TORNADO 60 and 45 impresses guests for miles around and makes excellent ride viewing from both park and slide. These funnels consistently score #1 favorite ride in guest surveys.

And the industry agrees: multiple Best Water Ride awards recognize the innovation and performance of the ProSlide TORNADO, including the industry’s most prestigious IAAPA Industry Impact Award.

Sized for every need

ProSlide makes iconic TORNADO funnel rides in a size for every footprint, budget and strategy:

  • Colossal TORNADO 60 excites from miles around and hooks guests on speed, intense Gs and gravity defiance.
  • TORNADO 45 has all the thrills of the 60 scaled for smaller spaces and budgets.
  • Fast and furious TORNADO 24 shifts between smooth turns and stomach-dropping thrills.
  • Fun and friendly TORNADO 12 surprises with a ‘slow-and-go’ tempo enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

Each TORNADO has its own unique ride experience. Maximize guest enjoyment by offering a full range of high-energy TORNADOs.

Patents: 114818, 119465, 135186, 2432675, 10464833, 11061860, 11381557, 12732074, 29364100, multiple other patents pending

Certifications: IEC, UL & NEC. CSEI.



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