Revolutionary joy ride.

These unique and memorable bowl water rides offer viewers a great show and entertain guests with centrifugal thrills.

Ride experience

Riders and rafts shoot into the top of a giant bowl and orbit high on the banked walls where excitement multiplies.

Exclusive technology

The award-winning bowl shape and CorkScrew™ exit create high capacity thrills.

Iconic ride

ProSlide’s IAAPA Industry Impact Award-winning bowls are the best in the world and the most popular.

Sized for every park

Five different bowl water rides deliver thrills for every demographic and strategy.

Industry Leadership

Bowl Ride Installations


Since 1999

Bowl Ride

2004 Impact Award

2014 Best New Water Park Ride

2004 Best New Water Park Ride

“ProSlide delivers massive capacities!”

Chris Perry, Wild Wadi, UAE.


Ride experience

In ProSlide bowl water slides, riders or rafts hurtle down a steep entrance channel, then shoot into the wide-open bowl high on the wall for peak thrills.

Glued to the wall by centrifugal force and shot forward by momentum, they speed around the perimeter, the bowl’s engineered shape creating the smoothest, safest rotations.

As rafts or riders slow, they move to the center drop chute for a quick and exciting exit. Water jets send rafts effortlessly into the patented CorkScrew™ exit and down a tunnel, on to the next thrill. While body riders freefall into the splash pool below.

Exclusive technology

Entry speed and bowl shape create an electrifying bowl ride in maximum safety while delivering the highest possible capacities.

How do we avoid the exit bottlenecks that plague other manufacturers rides? We invented our patented CorkScrew™ exit with precisely positioned jets to move guests through the exit without fail. It works so well that many operators dispatch a second raft before the first exits, driving capacities even higher.

Iconic water ride

Iconic water slides are as thrilling to look at as they are to ride. Anchoring your park, big water slide features like ProSlide bowls get your guests talking, riding and returning.

Winner of IAAPA’s prestigious Industry Impact Award, ProSlide bowls are not only the best in the world, they are also the most popular.

Many operators combine ProSlide bowls with funnels, walls or more bowls into a single exhilarating ride path of our hybrid rides.

Sized for every strategy

With the widest range of models, ProSlide bowl water slides deliver thrills for every demographic and strategy.

  • BehemothBOWL 60 is the largest bowl on the market. Its whopping size and big thrills serve up maximum impact for your park.
  • BehemothBOWL 40 revolutionized water rides, integrating multiple bowl features in a single ride path. Another world first for ProSlide.
  • CannonBOWL 40 was the world’s first tubing bowl. Still the hottest-selling bowl ride.
  • CannonBOWL 30’s compact footprint makes it the perfect anchor attraction for indoor parks, hotels and resorts. Formerly called BulletBOWL.
  • ProBOWL 30 is a high-thrill body ride that launches riders from a high-speed tunnel into a big bowl where they can compete for the most revolutions.

Patents: 105481, 29181436, 29254896, 29281258, 61503185, multiple other patents pending.

Certifications: IEC, UL & NEC. CSEI.

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