Legendary rides for successful water parks

ProSlide is a water slide manufacturer and a water park designer. We create the most successful water rides and water parks in the world.

ProSlide designs and manufactures the highest-performing water rides in the world. Our iconic rides are loved by water park guests everywhere, making their owners some of the most successful parks in the business.

ProSlide provides visionary water park design for new and expanding indoor and outdoor water parks. Our collaborative, iterative master planning, based on decades of experience, takes waterparks from blank page to legend.

ProSlide has pioneered almost every major water ride innovation and has the awards to prove it!

Our advantage

Our passion for the industry gives customers four critical advantages.

Our company

Constant innovation and customer focus drive our business.

Leadership team

Our team has perfected the science and art of water ride design.

“Why do we choose ProSlide? They deliver truly
innovative rides that make our parks stand out.”

James Judy, Palace Entertainment, USA.

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