New Friends & New Innovations at IAAPA’s AAE!

Did you see what’s NEW?

At IAAPA’s Asia Attractions Expo 2018 we were thrilled to demonstrate new innovations and discuss the best new parks opening in Asia this year featuring award-winning ProSlide rides that are all about the future!

The newly-opened Atlantis Sanya on Hainan Island was on everyone’s mind. Owned by Fosun International and managed by Kerzner International, Atlantis Sanya is China’s premiere underwater world inspired entertainment resort destination. The Aquaventure water park, which had its grand opening on April 28, has a total of 15 of the world’s very best water rides, all custom-designed by ProSlide and offering a massive 35 unique experiences, including:

  • China’s very first ProSlide RocketBLAST® water coaster!
  • A thrilling ProSlide FreeFALL™ drop slide through a shark tank!
  • The ProSlide TORNADO® 60 funnel, a consistent guest favorite at the world’s best parks! This is the world’s first BehemothBOWL™ 40/ TORNADO® 60 hybrid ride.

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  • With our latest innovations coming fast to Asia, attendees were keen to learn more about our brand new RallyRACER™ and Dueling PIPEline™ rides that just debuted this year, featuring thrilling head-to-head RallyPOINTS™.

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As usual AAE was well-attended by visitors from Asia and the region and we loved hearing about their plans and dreams, and showing them how we’re transforming parks across the Asia region:

  • From Malaysia to Singapore to Thailand and beyond, the ProSlide® booth was hopping with friends old and new eager to hear about the incredible 160+ rides we’re opening this year in more than 40 parks around the world.
  • Our Master Planning team was kept busy this year helping folks from Australia, Korea, China, Indonesia and more work out what to do on their new sites, learn how to optimize plans they have in the works, and generally work toward hosting some of the best rides on the planet!



在IAAPA 2018年亚洲景点博览会上,我们很高兴能够展示新的创新成果,并讨论今年在亚洲开幕的最佳新乐园,其中包括ProSlide宝澜获奖的滑道设施,这些滑道设施都是未来最具发展的产品!


  • 中国首款-宝澜激流过山车!
  • 穿越鲨鱼缸的急速滑道-宝澜自由落体滑道!
  • 全球最佳乐园内游客最喜爱的滑道-宝澜旋风大喇叭60


随着我们最新的创新技术快速进入亚洲市场,参会者都热切希望了解更多关于今年宝澜品牌首次亮相的全新RallyRACER™接力竞技滑道和Dueling PIPEline™竞技并排蛇形滑道,其中包括令人兴奋的RallyPOINTS™角力点竞赛。



  • 从马来西亚到新加坡,再到泰国以及更远的地方,ProSlide®宝澜希望与新老朋友一起了解,今年宝澜在世界各地40多个乐园内安装的160多条非同凡响的水滑道
  • 今年我们的总规划团队一直忙于为来自澳大利亚,韩国,中国,印度尼西亚等国的客户规划设计他们新的乐园,探索如何优化他们已有的规划,并致力于创造全球最棒的滑道!

Do you want to learn more about the newest and most innovative water rides on the planet?

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